Category: Spiritual Growth

How to Maximize Your Summer

Luke Simmons / June 1, 2017
family, fun, spiritual growth

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s possible to have a great summer in AZ. But it will probably take some intentionality. How can you […]

5 Unusual Questions I’d Ask if Looking for a Church

Luke Simmons / March 28, 2017

It’s not uncommon for people I know and love to be looking for a new church. Sometimes it’s Gateway people who are moving […]

5 Reasons EVERY Person at Gateway Should Serve a Season with Kids

Mark Andress / February 23, 2017
gospel, humility, kids

Redemption Kids is a crucial ministry to the life of our church. Every weekend there are dozens of volunteers who give of their […]

Lent – When, What, Why, Who, and How

Seth Troutt / February 21, 2017
baptism, easter, Fasting, Lent, prayer

When? Lent is the forty day season (excluding Sundays) that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends with Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, […]

Two Things That Keep Us From Praying

Dale Thackrah / February 9, 2017

I struggle to pray. I know this isn’t just true of me; I have encountered countless people over the last decade in my […]

5 Ways to Grow as a Witness

Luke Simmons / January 10, 2017
acts, evangelism, friendship, mission

In Acts 1:8, Jesus says his disciples will be his witnesses. They aren’t called to save the world or change the world — but […]

Christmas: Jesus Did What You Can’t

Matthew Braselton / December 15, 2016
gospel, jesus

Recently, an LDS friend shared a tool his church is using this Christmas season to encourage Christ-like behavior in its members. It is […]

Where are you?

Luke Simmons / October 7, 2016
discussion, prayer

Periodically, it’s important to ask ourselves (or to share in our communities), Where am I? How’s my relationship with God going? In his […]