A New Life, A New Family
Baptism at Redemption Gateway

Thanks for your interest in being baptized. Baptism is a tremendous blessing and an important first step of obedience for new followers of Jesus. Here is the typical process to be baptized at Redemption Gateway:

1. Please read the information in this packet carefully. If the person considering baptism is a child, be sure to read the section entitled “Childhood Baptism at Redemption Gateway.”

2. If, after reading this packet, you:

a. WANT to be baptized, please fill out this online form.

b. ARE UNSURE about being baptized and would like to discuss your situation with somebody, please contact us at (480) 553-8295.

3. Soon after completing the online form (2a), you will get a call from a pastor or elder. This phone call is to answer any questions you may have, address any potential concerns we may have, and to prepare you for what to expect at your baptism. This call is NOT an oral theological exam, so don’t be nervous. If the person requesting baptism is a child, we will likely request to meet with the child in person.

4. Baptism. Invite as many family and friends as you can—people are often very open to coming. If you want to share your story with the church family, we’ll give you that opportunity. If you’d prefer not to share, that’s OK too.

Please contact us at (480) 553-8295 if you have questions or concerns that we can help work through with you.