Author: Luke Simmons

Tuesday Mind Dump (8/10/21)

Luke Simmons / August 10, 2021

• Man, I’m digging all this rain this morning. • Remember last year when it didn’t rain AT ALL and there was ZERO […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (7/27/21)

Luke Simmons / July 27, 2021
sermon series

• Man, been a great last week. • I have to guess that the huge amount of rain and multiple days of lower temperatures […]

Monday Mind Dump (7/19/21)

Luke Simmons / July 19, 2021
family, links

• Great to be back at it! • Been a fun last month of ministry and vacation. • About a month ago I was […]

5 Unusual Questions I’d Ask if Looking for a Church

Luke Simmons / June 25, 2021

It’s not uncommon for people I know and love to be looking for a new church. Sometimes it’s Gateway people who are moving […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (6/15/21)

Luke Simmons / June 15, 2021
church, family, links

• Funny how summer can be fast and slow at the same time. • Specific days feel slower and it definitely feels like the […]

Monday Mind Dump (6/7/21)

Luke Simmons / June 7, 2021
mind dump

• Happy summer, y’all! • Definitely feels like we’re in a new season. • Kids out of school, vacations starting, masks coming off, […]

Five Interesting Facts About Nehemiah

Luke Simmons / June 3, 2021
nehemiah, sermon series

On June 6 we begin a summer-long series through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah that we’re calling Rebuilding. Below is the series […]

Thursday Mind Dump (5/27/21)

Luke Simmons / May 27, 2021
leadership, links

• This might be the first time I’ve ever done a mind dump on a Thursday. • We have some family visiting early next […]