Author: Luke Simmons

More Context for Redemption’s Racism Video

Luke Simmons / May 21, 2020

Last week we recorded, released, and included in Sunday’s online service a video by Redemption’s Lead Pastor, Tyler Johnson, “Racism: The Heart of […]

Monday Mind-Dump (5/4/20)

Luke Simmons / May 4, 2020
covid-19, mind dump

• “How you holding up?”• Feels like the main question I’m asking folks these days.• Mostly getting some version of the same answer:• […]

Gateway’s Plans for Resuming In-Person Gatherings

Luke Simmons / May 1, 2020

UPDATE: In-person services resume June 21 A NOTE FROM LUKE SIMMONS I miss you all dearly! While I rejoice for technology that allows […]

Wednesday Mind Dump (3/25/20)

Luke Simmons / March 25, 2020
covid-19, mind dump

Whew! Such strange days! Things are moving faster and slower than it feels like they ever have. On one hand, things are moving […]

Our church’s plan (for now)

Luke Simmons / March 17, 2020

The situation with COVID-19 is fluid and frequently changing. To receive the latest updates (like the one below) via email, please subscribe to […]

Important Coronavirus Update for Sunday, March 15

Luke Simmons / March 13, 2020

In consideration of the public health concerns related to COVID-19, we will not be hosting worship services at Gateway on Sunday, March 15. […]

Monday Mind Dump (3/2/20)

Luke Simmons / March 2, 2020
mind dump

Happy March! Crazy that it’s already here, but you can feel it in the air. Yesterday the lobby at Gateway was open and […]

A New Redemption Congregation in North Phoenix

Luke Simmons / February 25, 2020
church, church planting, redemption church

We are excited to announce that Josh Watt will be planting the next Redemption congregation in North Phoenix! A specific location has not […]