Author: Josh Watt

Am I A Consumerist Christian?

Josh Watt / August 24, 2015
gospel of mark, q & a

Answer: Yes The reality is everyone is consumeristic to some degree. That’s why you attend a church that speaks a language you can […]

Are You Sure You Want To Be a Christian?

Josh Watt / June 2, 2015
gospel of mark, q & a

I hate fluff. I have been told I also hate hype. I know, I don’t sound very pleasant. Here’s the reality. I just […]

Can You Fall Away and Still Be Saved?

Josh Watt / May 5, 2015
gospel of mark, q & a

The Bible is clear that salvation is a gift from God (Ephesians 2:8-10) given to repentant sinners (Acts 3:19) never to be taken […]

Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Josh Watt / March 23, 2015
gospel of mark, outward focus, q & a

If you were to list out the possible titles and reputations people identify you with, would any of them be: Friend of Sinners? […]

How To Go Public With Your Faith

Josh Watt / February 24, 2015
gospel of mark, outward focus

Christianity is a public faith. Jesus is Lord of all. And Jesus is the Savior of the world. Christianity is never private. One […]