Author: John Kronwald

When Should I Not Take The Lord’s Supper?

John Kronwald / October 27, 2015
gospel of mark, q & a

Each week when our church gathers together we observe the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper, also referred to as communion, is one of […]

5 Evidences of a Growing Love for God

John Kronwald / September 28, 2015
gospel of mark, love

In Mark 12:28 Jesus gets asked a serious question. It’s a good question. It’s something that still has implications for us today. Jesus […]

How To Identify And Remove Idols

John Kronwald / August 10, 2015
gospel of mark, idolatry

Jesus’ invitation to follow him is radical. We see many “good” people (like the rich young ruler in Mark 10) count the cost […]

Why You Need (the King’s) Community

John Kronwald / April 23, 2015
community, gospel of mark

We’re all longing to belong.  You’ve felt it before; the feeling of being alone and unneeded.  At our core, we all have a […]

Are You Too Busy NOT To Pray?

John Kronwald / March 10, 2015
gospel of mark, prayer, q & a, spiritual practices

I’m willing to bet that you would like to see prayer become a bigger part of your life.  Me too.  We know prayer […]

Could Jesus Have Sinned?

John Kronwald / February 17, 2015
gospel of mark, q & a

“Could Jesus have sinned?”  Perhaps you’ve been asked that question, or have curiously pondered that yourself.  Good question.  Let’s take a look. Jesus […]