All of Life Tuesday – Sanctity of Human Life

Seth Troutt / July 3, 2017
all of life, culture, pro-life

Richard Tarnas, non-Christian and author of The Passion of the Western Mind, describes what happened to Greek/Hellenistic culture when the early church grew in influence in the first and second centuries:

“Christianity gave to its members a pervasive sense of a personal God’s direct interest in human affairs and vital concern for every human soul…In contrast to the Hellenic focus on great heroes and rare philosophers…the ultimate wisdom and heroism of Christ made redemption possible for all, not just the few: Christ was the Sun, who shone alike on all mankind. In it’s moral teachings, Christianity brought to the pagan world a new sense of the sanctity of all human life… all in the new awareness of God’s love for humanity.” (1)

What would it look if our modern culture recovered a “pervasive sense” of the sanctity of human life? This upcoming class will explore ways we as a church can be a part of making that happen.


Redemption Gateway has a new type of event/class coming up: All of Life Tuesday — Sanctity of Human Life. This event will have dinner, time for table discussion, a talk on what the Bible teaches about the dignity of humanity, and a panel featuring a variety of people who are deeply engaged in various Pro-Life issues.


From the Ten Commandments to the witness of the Early Church, God’s people have been called to be a counter-culture that upholds the dignity and value of every human life. Without distinction all people are made in the Image of God — poor, the marginalized, the unborn, the voiceless, the sojourner, the stay at home parent, the retiree, the entrepreneur, and the tax collector. So, what can God’s people do now to faithfully witness to this “Pro-Life” reality? With all the Left vs Right rhetoric that is defining our cultural atmosphere, navigating what to do, what to say, and who to listen to can be frustrating.


Tuesday July 18th, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm. The registration deadline is July 11th.

Who Should Come?

Individuals, couples, families, bring your RC, doubters, and people looking to learn and/or get involved.


We would love for you to join us! RSVP here.