Fundamentals is a 2-3 month course designed to help newer Christians grow in their confidence of and foundation in the basics of the Christian faith. After submitting this application, you will be paired with a mentor and 1 or 2 peers to form a Fundamentals Group.

Application for Fundamentals Mentor
Redemption Women

Redemption Women offers classes for a chance to take some time to connect with other women, study God’s word, and encourage one another. Morning and evening sessions available during the Spring & Fall.

Men's Fight Clubs

Men’s Fight Clubs provide an environment for men to sharpen each other by encouraging one another in the fight of faith. Morning groups are available in the Spring and Fall.


MOPS is for all moms with children from birth to kindergarten. It is a place for friendship, community, support, and growth.

Redemption Communities

The primary environment for adults are Redemption Communities (RCs). These small groups are leader facilitated and typically meet in homes.

Redemption Communities

Classes provide an opportunity for people to gain deeper biblical knowledge and applicational wisdom in a social, interactive environment.

Upcoming Classes
M25 Food Collection

M25 comes from Matthew 25 where Jesus tells us to care for the marginalized and the poor. On the second Sunday of each month, we collect food and other necessary items to be donated to local families and organizations within our communities.

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