4 Reasons to Invite A Friend to Easter

March 28, 2019  |  Luke Simmons

Easter is coming soon! It’s a perfect opportunity to invite friends to join you (use this link: EasterAtRedemption.com/invite). Here’s why:

1. People might actually come.

While most people who don’t regularly attend church aren’t anxiously sitting at home waiting for an invite, many of them would come if they were invited by a friend.

We can get all worked up with fear over the possibility of rejection, but fighting through that fear is worth it.

2. They will hear the gospel.

We’re not a church that saves up the gospel for special occasions. We proclaim it every week. Easter will be no exception.

After the many gospel-rich songs, through the gospel-focused sermon, and through the powerful gospel-stories of those being baptized, no one will be able to say that they never heard the good news about Jesus.

3. Inviting somebody opens doors for spiritual conversations.

Whether you’ve known somebody for a long or short time, it can be challenging to get the ball rolling on spiritual conversations. Inviting somebody opens the door.

Even if your friend doesn’t come on Easter, there’s now an opportunity to discuss faith that may not have been there previously.

4. Inviting somebody grows your faith.

We don’t grow through ease and comfort, but through risk and challenge. Inviting somebody will lead you into greater prayer and greater dependence on the Lord. That grows your faith.

Over 70 % of Gateway invited at least somebody to church last year who didn’t attend church elsewhere. Maybe this Easter will be the perfect opportunity to get that number even higher (use this link: EasterAtRedemption.com/invite).