Spiritual Growth Resources for 2022

December 25, 2021  |  Luke Simmons

The new year is often a time to reflect and move toward intentional change. As you consider the new year, here are a number of helpful resources — Bible reading plans, print resources, prayer books, apps, video libraries, and recommended podcasts — to encourage your abiding in Jesus.

Important: This list is intentionally long, to provide options. It’s not designed to suggest somebody should (or could) do all these things.


Top 3 Recommendations

Below are an abundance of resources, but here are my top recommendations that I think would benefit most people.

1. The 5 Day Bible Reading Program.

I like this plan because (1) it takes you through the whole Bible, (2) it’s easier to catch up when you fall behind because it’s only a 5 day per week plan, and (3) it’s available on Dwell, my favorite Bible listening app.

You can download a handy PDF at fivedaybiblereading.com or you can get the free Reading Plan app, to organize your reading while using YouVersion or another Bible reading app.

I’ve listed other Bible Reading Plans below, but this is my favorite.

Five Day Plan 2022

2. The Bible Project App

The folks at The Bible Project have been putting together amazing videos for years, and now they have a brand new app that is fantastic.

Though it’s brand new, I can already tell that it will be extremely helpful in teaching you HOW to read the Bible. You can learn more about it here, and see a preview below.

(If you like their content, you might consider Classroom by Bible Project, where you can take free self-paced, graduate-level Bible classes online)

3. Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Spiritual Growth

I don’t recall how I came across this little book, but it has nourished my faith for years. Though Kenneth Boa is listed as the author, he’s really more of a compiler — taking Bible texts and turning them into prayers.

Each day takes you through ten passages to pray, two each in the following categories:

  1. The Attributes of God
  2. The Works of God
  3. My Relationship to God
  4. The Character I Want to Cultivate
  5. My Relationship to Others

I love it because it helps me know that I’m praying in line with God’s will — because I’m praying Scripture.

Interestingly, this is also the resource that we used for all of the prayer meetings we did in the months leading up to the launch of our church over thirteen years ago.


Bible Reading Plans

Christians who reflect on Scripture grow in their faith. So consider an intentional approach to Bible reading (or listening) in the new year. Below are links to plans, many of which are also available on the YouVersion app.


30 Days with Jesus
30 Days for New Christians
The Micronutrient Bible Reading Plan


• The 5 Day Bible Reading Program* – see above for why I recommend this.
5×5 Plan – Read the New Testament by spending 5 minutes per day, 5 days per week
Book at a Time – Read the whole Bible one book at a time, alternating between OT and NT
Bible Reading Program For Slackers & Shirkers – Interesting approach


Read Scripture Plan – Integrates Bible Project videos and has a helpful app
Professor Horner’s System – Buckle up!
The M’Cheyne Plan – Read OT once, NT & Psalms twice.


Recommended Print Resources

Print Bibles

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible®
ESV Journaling Bible
Space for taking notes
ESV Reader's Bible
ESV Reader’s Bible
No footnotes or verse numbers
The Psalms, ESV
ESV Psalms
Use as a prayer book

Journals / Devotionals

Scribe Bible Journal
Daily Kairos Prayer Journal
Daily Kairos Prayer Journal
Bible Studies – Matthias Media - resources for disciple making
Matthias Media Bible Studies

Prayer Books

Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Spiritual Growth
(Ken Boa)

Seeking God’s Face: Praying with the Bible Through the Year
(Philip Reinders)

Canyon Road: A Book of Prayer
(Kari Reeves)

NOTE: You can also use your current Bible and any existing pad of paper in your home to have a delightful devotional life. 🙂

Recommended Digital Resources


Bible on the App Store
The Bible App (YouVersion)
Multiple Translations
Audio Bibles
Reading Plans
Google | Apple
Dwell Bible Listening App – Redemption Hill Church Updates
Dwell Scripture Listening
Multiple Translations
Diverse Readers
Listening Plans
Google | Apple
Read Scripture - Life Community Baptist Church
Bible Project App
Learn to Read the Bible
Reading Plans & Videos
Google | Apple


The Bible Project YouTube Channel Uses Animation to Teach the Bible
The Bible Project (YouTube)
Bible Explainer Videos
Biblical Themes
Welcome To Parker's Cove Baptist Church - Parker's Cove Baptist Church
RightNow Media
Free Bible Teaching
Great Kids Content
One Minute Apologetics – A Video Series from The Gospel Coalition
One Minute Apologetics
Short Videos
Answering Life’s Big Questions
5/17/20 Online Service: "Prioritize Unity" - YouTube
How to Enjoy the Bible
(5 Videos)

How to Pray Biblically
(5 Videos)
Ask Anything • #Covid-19 Edition - YouTube
Dealing With Guilt & Shame
(5 Videos)


King & Culture | Podcast on Spotify
King & Culture
Luke Simmons & Seth Troutt
Bible & Theology
iTunes | Spotify
Knowing Faith
Knowing Faith
Jen Wilkin, Kyle Worley and J.T. English
The Bible for Everyone
iTunes | Spotify
Seeing Jesus with Paul Miller – Podcast – Podtail
Seeing Jesus
Paul Miller
Prayer & Following Jesus
iTunes | Spotify