The 2019 Christmas Offering

November 27, 2019  |  Luke Simmons

The Christmas Offering has become an important annual tradition at Redemption Gateway. Each year we generously give over-and-above to support a number of great causes.

Gifts can be made any time between now and our Christmas Eve services on December 24.


Each cause this year will help us be a best friend to our community by assisting some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

#1: Medical Debt – helping the financially vulnerable

Through a partnership with a non-profit organization (RIP Medical Debt) that helps donors to forgive oppressive medical debt, we have the opportunity to buy and forgive millions of dollars worth of devastating medical debt for individuals and families in the Southeast Valley.

Through our partner, we will buy these oppressive debts at a reduced rate and forgive it rather than collect it — with no strings attached.

After abolishing the debt, RIP will send notices to benefitting families that our church has forgiven their debt and then begin to help recipients repair their credit reports.

As people who have been forgiven an unpayable debt by Jesus, it’s our joy to bless those in our community who find themselves under an unbearable load.

#2: Ultrasound Machine – helping the physically vulnerable

In partnership with Compassion Care Center in San Tan Valley, we want to help purchase an ultrasound machine for Vineyard Community Pregnancy Center in Queen Creek.

This local pregnancy center comes alongside women through pregnancy, providing counseling, prenatal and parenting classes, material assistance, and hope. This gift will help the center as they seek to save unborn lives and assist mothers.

Research has shown that a high percentage of women will not go through with an abortion after seeing their baby on an ultrasound.

As people who have been given new life in Jesus, it’s our joy to bless those who are working to save and improve lives in our community.

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#3: Immigrant Hope – helping the legally vulnerable

In partnership with the Redemption West Mesa congregation, we want to support the launch of the first Immigrant Hope location in Arizona.

Immigrant Hope will offer immigration legal advice and representation to the low-income immigrant community in Mesa and the Phoenix Metro Area, in partnership with local churches. These services are licensed by the Department of Justice and assist immigrants with a path toward legal status.

Legal immigration is extremely complicated and our immigrant neighbors sometimes get taken advantage of.

As people whose status has changed from enemies of God to citizens of Heaven, it’s our joy to bless those who are legally seeking a better life in our nation.

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