15 Great Theology Books Under 150 Pages

November 5, 2018  |  Seth Troutt

Need some recommended reading or stocking-stuffer ideas? All people are theologians, that is, we all have opinions about who God is and how he interacts with us. However, very few of us take the time to study and sharpen our beliefs. Below are some fantastic, short-but-profound reads for people who want to take a step towards growing in their faith through reading.

  1. 1. Visual Theology – Tim Challies; a great book for those who are visual learners more than they are readers.
  2. 2. Delighting In the Trinity – Michael Reeves; this book will help you see how the nature of God is Love.
  3. 3. The Political Disciple – Vincent Bacote; this reflection on the fact that Christ is King will help make sense of the public square.
  4. 4. Jesus, Justice, and Gender Roles – Kathy Keller; this brief resource articulates what healthy male and female partnership looks like
  5. 5. Know the Creeds and Councils – Justin Holcomb; this historical book will help you connect with brothers and sisters in the faith from almost 2,000 years ago.
  6. 6. Answering God – Eugene Peterson; this wise, honest handbook will teach you how to pray the Psalms.
  7. 7. Liturgy of the Ordinary – Tish Warren; this interpretation of daily life will help you see God in the mundane parts of life.
  8. 8. How Sanctification Works – David Powlison; a counseling book that will make sense of how people grow.
  9. 9. Spurgeon’s Sorrows – Zach Eswine; this book looks at the melancholy and depression that Charles Spurgeon dealt with and offers hope and a path to those of us who deal with similar challenges.
  10. 10. In His Image – Jen Wilkin; this reflection on the character of God will help make sense of why people are designed they way we are.
  11. 11. Homosexuality and the Bible – Robert Gagnon and Dan Via; in this book two theologians offer two different visions for how to interpret what the bible says about sexuality. You will see for yourself which is more compelling!
  12. 12. Prodigal God – Tim Keller; this reflection on Luke 15 will help you see the grace of God with life changing power.
  13. 13. Letters To a Young Calvinist – James KA Smith; this memoir will cast a vision for healthy Reformed Theology.
  14. 14. Creation Regained – Al Wolters; this worldview book will challenge you to think deeply about The Goodness of Creation, the devastation of the Fall, and the Restorative power of the good news.
  15. 15. Foolishness to the Greeks – Leslie Newbigin; this book is not an easy read, but it will enable you to think critically about our present secular moment.

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