Tuesday Mind Dump (2/9/16)

Luke Simmons / February 9, 2016
leadership, mind dump

  • Still kind of glowing from Sunday.
  • It was so much fun.
  • I was praying on the way to church just thanking God for what could be a fun day.
  • Getting to preach and watch my team in the Super Bowl — that’s a fun day by itself.
  • And then they won!
  • As a life-long Broncos fan, I’ve watched us get blown out four times in the Super Bowl and I was nervous this would be #5.
  • But it wasn’t.
  • They sure put to test the theory that “defense wins championships” because there was zero offense.
  • After the game, it took a while to decompress and relax and just enjoy that they won.
  • But, hey, it’s Tuesday now so that’s ooooold news.
  • Also really enjoyed preaching on Sunday.
  • Some fun parts and some serious parts.
  • If you missed the sermon, you can watch it here.
  • Or see a short clip here.
  • It was pretty emotional thinking about the grace my family has experienced and how thankful I am for a dad who didn’t sacrifice me like he was sacrificed.
  • This next Sunday we’re talking about Samson.
  • My 9-year old thinks it’s funny that Samson & Delilah fall on Valentine’s Day.
  • It is a little funny.
  • This series has raced by–hard to believe it’s almost over.
  • And get this–Easter is just seven Sundays away.
  • Wow.
  • Been so encouraged over the last week or so as I’ve had some meetings with people who are new to the church.
  • Really energizing to hear from folks who love what we’re doing and want to jump in.
  • I’m thankful that God keeps bringing people our way to meet Jesus and to help others grow in their relationship with him.
  • Also thankful for our leaders and staff.
  • Had a good meeting yesterday with our Gateway pastors.
  • We read this article by Doug Wilson together and reflected on it.
  • I don’t know that anyone’s discouraged, and I actually think the article could just be called “21 Maxims for Pastors.”
  • I was particularly in need of #17 and #18, and found #13 to be quite thought provoking.
  • It was a good discussion for us, and I’m thankful for the team God has assembled thus far.
  • Started a course this morning on early church history in my seminary program.
  • So fun to learn about things the early church did and why they did them.
  • Interesting to see how some things are so similar and yet some things are so context-specific.
  • Should be a fun class.
  • I’m fascinated to see how this New Hampshire primary turns out on both sides.
  • All the politics stuff is interesting to me.
  • I actually wrote a post last week on my personal blog about 6 Leadership Lessons From the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.
  • Well, we’ve got some folks from our Redemption Community coming over tonight, so I’ve got to get moving.
  • Thanks for reading and thanks to many of you who rooted for my Broncos.
  • Have a great night.

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