Tuesday Mind Dump (2/27/18)

Luke Simmons / February 27, 2018
mind dump

  • A lot’s been going on since my last mind dump a few weeks ago.
  • Some highlights:
    • Been coaching my girls’ soccer team — we are currently unfeated (you read that right) with one more chance this Saturday in our last game.
    • Had the chance to see Hamilton at Gammage in Tempe. Twice.
    • Would have been amazing to do once, but twice was over the top (I’ve got a really generous mom!)
    • The music and choreography were spectacular.
    • I think it was the best artistic / entertainment experience I’ve ever had in my life.
    • I wake up almost every day with songs from that show stuck in my head.
    • After battling through a few weeks of sickness with our youngest kids, everyone is healthy now and Molly is out of house arrest.
    • Took a week in early February to work on seminary projects, and I am almost done (graduate in May!)
    • I’m loving our Ephesians series. Been so fun.
  • This is a BIG week when I think about the history of our church.
  • This Sunday at 3:30pm we’re having a short Groundbreaking prayer service on the new property.
  • When I think about how much money, time, and prayer have been invested into the land and building initiatives — and the vision for them — it’s amazing.
  • When we signed an 8-year lease on our current space back in 2011, it might as well have been a 58-year lease.
  • Felt like forever.
  • But now, that window is closing (May 2019) and we’re on the cusp of a new, exciting future.
  • Speaking of future, we’ve hired Arnold Ruiz to be our new Kids Director.
  • Mark Andress is now leading the Care ministry and he’s handing Arnold the ministry in great shape.
  • I’m thankful for Arnold’s courage in stepping into this ministry.
  • It’s a big ministry that will only get bigger.
  • As he gets settled, I’m looking forward to how God will grow him and prepare him to lead this ministry into the future.
  • Our ministry is growing and changing, but I’m confident that with high character leaders like Arnold, God will continue to work powerfully among us.
  • This Saturday I get to take in my first basketball game at Grand Canyon University.
  • I’ve heard that it’s a crazy environment and I’m pumped to check it out.
  • Lopes up!
  • (I think that’s what they say!)
  • Then the Oscars are on Sunday night.
  • Since seeing films is one of my big hobbies (notice how I snobbily said films?), it’s an event I actually look forward to while the rest of America cringes.
  • We have a fun tradition with some good family friends where we fill out ballots and watch it all together.
  • Good times.
  • Well, that’s what’s on my mind at this point.
  • Have a great day.
  • Oh, and I’m kind of doing some stuff on Instagram now in case you’re one of those people.
  • From what our survey results said, that’s about 38% of you.
  • All of life is all for Jesus.

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