Tuesday Mind Dump (10/18/16)

Luke Simmons / October 18, 2016
family, mind dump, vision

  • Been a wild last few weeks now that we have a little boy.
  • That’s right… a boy.
  • Henry (Hank) joined us on September 29.
  • He was a huge surprise and a great delight to all involved.


  • He’s a big boy (born 9 lbs, 6 oz) so he’s eating and sleeping well so far.
  • Molly is doing fairly well and it seems like she’s recovering faster this time than when Mary was born.
  • My parents are now in AZ for the rest of the winter and Molly’s parents were here for a few weeks, so the extra help has been wonderful.
  • We’ve also had lots of meals coming to our home and feel very loved.
  • Molly’s folks left last Thursday and our older girls return to school tomorrow, so we’re still trying to figure out a new normal.
  • Was great to have some extra family in town last week for my 37th birthday.
  • Pretty low-key deal considering all the other excitement happening in our family.
  • October is always an interesting birthday month for our family since three of us have birthdays in three consecutive weeks (I’m the 11th, my Dad turns 70 today, and Caitlin turns 8 next Tuesday).
  • All the delays in Hank arriving made for an interesting Sunday to follow.
  • I went ahead and preached that sermon in advance of his arrival, knowing I’d likely not be there on Sunday.
  • It was a weird experience preaching to a camera, but I think it turned out OK.
  • We also made a few staff additions in the last few weeks that have been very exciting and life-giving for me and our team.
  • Seth Troutt has been a strong addition, and it’s fascinating to have our first ‘outside’ hire.
  • Brings some really fresh eyes to things we’re doing.
  • Joshua Ruiz started last week and it’s been awesome to have a guy who has longed to be in full-time ministry now have that opportunity with us.
  • All in all, it makes for a lot of transitions in both life and ministry.
  • Amazing how similar they are in a number of ways.
  • I’m almost done reading Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change┬áby William Bridges and it’s proving to be a helpful book.
  • Actually wish I had read it a long time ago.
  • Would’ve saved me and others a lot of pain in the midst of changes and transitions.
  • It’s probably going to be on my list of required reading for church planters and lead pastors.
  • If you’re a leader in any organization–or of a family experiencing change–it would be worth your time.
  • Hard to believe that we’ll be wrapping up the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday.
  • It’s gone really fast.
  • We went through it a little faster than some of the other Redemption congregations because on October 30 we’re starting a new vision series about Gateway’s future.
  • We’ll be calling it Home Away From Home, and it will be about becoming the kind of church Jesus is calling us to be.
  • It’s related to our next building initiative but the series won’t really be much about the building or the money needed to move forward.
  • Instead, we’ll look at the “Upper Room Discourse” in John 13-17, where Jesus paints a picture of the kind of church he wants his followers to become.
  • After all, we can have the greatest building in the world — but Jesus cares even more about the quality of our life and discipleship together.
  • After so many months of planning, praying and dreaming about it all, I’m excited to get going.
  • Well, Tuesday is a big meeting day so I’ve got to get rolling.
  • Whatever you’re doing today, remember that the path to real life is sacrificially loving those God puts around you.
  • Peace.

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