Tuesday Mind Dump (1/23/18)

Luke Simmons / January 23, 2018
mind dump

  • Had a wild, fun weekend and start to the week.
  • Took my oldest to seeĀ The Greatest Showman on Friday night.
  • Wow, it’s amazing.
  • I’ve now seen it twice, as has Molly and my two oldest kids (that doesn’t happen).
  • Then Saturday was a big sports day.
  • Soccer for Mary (through Mighty Kicks) and then a game in the afternoon for Abby and Caitlin.
  • I’m coaching again this year and it’s fun to see the girls playing hard and having fun.
  • After being out in the cold, we bundled up and snuggled at home for the evening.
  • Then Sunday…
  • It was the first “in the text” message of Ephesians and we had some fun with it.
  • It was the first (and maybe only?) time I’ve done a dramatic reading of Scripture accompanied by Metallica (you can see it here).
  • Had the idea on Thursday morning, and while I was getting dressed I was listening to the intro to “Enter Sandman.”
  • Molly walked in and said, “Wow, you trying to get pumped up or something?”
  • I told her the idea and she kind of liked it.
  • Then I bounced it off a few of our guys and they encouraged me to push into it.
  • Then our production guy ran with it and turned it into something pretty fun.
  • My hope was not to go for shock value, but to make the point that I think it ended up making — that this first part of Ephesians is a big, important deal!
  • It took a lot out of my voice, but it was fun and I enjoyed the sermon as a whole.
  • And the rest of the service was strong.
  • Seth and I were talking about how it’s cool that our church can go straight from “Come Thou Fount” to “Reckless Love” and have it work.
  • Then at The Five, we surprised Joe and Rebekah Leavell by bringing them forward at the end of the service to thank them for their ministry at Gateway.
  • Joe has the opportunity to join the staff part-time at Redeemer Bible Church, along with our friends Dale Thackrah and Jon Benzinger.
  • The Leavells have really been key leaders and owners at The Five and it made sense to honor them there.
  • They’ve served at that service — and in many other ways — faithfully and continually.
  • We’ll really miss them, but I’m genuinely happy for Joe and this opportunity.
  • Also watched some football on Sunday and was not surprised to see the Patriots win.
  • I’ll watch the Super Bowl but don’t really care too much about it.
  • Yesterday I was pretty wiped after a full, emotional Sunday but I had to rally to preach at the chapel at Grand Canyon University.
  • I spoke there last year and they invited me back.
  • It’s an incredible environment, where thousands of students pour into the arena VOLUNTARILY to worship and hear from God.
  • I spoke on Habakkuk 3:17-18 on how to be a person that means it when you say that God is all you need. (watch the message here)
  • It’s a passage I’ve loved for a long time and was asked to preach on it last week at a funeral.
  • Made me think about how it might be good for the students too, so I re-worked it to fit that environment.
  • It was a blast and I’m thankful for the opportunity.
  • This morning I was back to school, kicking off my last semester of seminary.
  • Then we had a good day as a staff.
  • I love the people I work with and it makes coming to work really fun.
  • Time to get over to soccer practice and call it a day.
  • Have a great rest of your week!
  • All of life is all for Jesus.

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