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Monday Mind Dump (10/9/17)

Luke Simmons / October 9, 2017
family, mind dump, mission

Well, the Acts series is officially over. It was a good run. I had a blast teaching (as did our other preachers) and […]

5 Ways to Grow as a Witness

Luke Simmons / January 10, 2017
acts, evangelism, friendship, mission

In Acts 1:8, Jesus says his disciples will be his witnesses. They aren’t called to save the world or change the world — but […]

Monday Mind Dump (1/9/17)

Luke Simmons / January 9, 2017
family, mind dump, mission

I’m so proud of Redemption Gateway this morning. After a month or so of praying and encouraging people to consider moving to the […]

10 Ways to Love Your Neighbors This Halloween

Mark Andress / October 27, 2016
culture, holidays, mission

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Halloween is next Monday. While many people have differing views and opinions on the value of this […]

4 Reasons We Need Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Luke Simmons / August 24, 2016
jesus, mission, sermon on the mount, spiritual growth

This Sunday we’re beginning a new series on The Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7. It’s a section of Scripture that we desperately need to […]

Wednesday Mind Dump (8/3/16)

Luke Simmons / August 3, 2016
jesus, mind dump, mission, politics

Kind of a lot on my mind these days, but probably even more than I can take time to write. Guess I’ll start […]

How to Lose Your Focus (in 3 Steps)

Luke Simmons / May 27, 2016
gospel, jesus, mission, titus

In my sermon on Sunday, we talked about how the successful mission of the church demands focus. In a city that ranks #9 […]

A “Red Apple” Approach to Sharing Your Faith

Luke Simmons / April 28, 2016
all of life, jesus, mission

Ever feel like you don’t know where to begin when it comes to sharing your faith with non-Christians? There are so many ways […]


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