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How to Maximize Your Summer

Luke Simmons / June 1, 2017
family, fun, spiritual growth

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s possible to have a great summer in AZ. But it will probably take some intentionality. How can you […]

Monday Mind Dump (5/22/17)

Luke Simmons / May 22, 2017
family, mind dump, preaching

Yesterday was a fun way to finish a great weekend. I drove home thinking, “I don’t know if today was spectacular, but I […]

Monday Mind Dump (1/9/17)

Luke Simmons / January 9, 2017
family, mind dump, mission

I’m so proud of Redemption Gateway this morning. After a month or so of praying and encouraging people to consider moving to the […]

Some Build, Some Inherit

Seth Troutt / November 1, 2016
family, home away from home, vision

Seth Troutt is the newest member of the Gateway pastoral team. You can learn more about him here. I grew up down the […]

Monday Mind-Dump (10/31/16)

Luke Simmons / October 31, 2016
family, home away from home, mind dump, vision

Happy Halloween and Happy Reformation Day. The candy at our house may or may not have already been opened and we’re planning on […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (10/18/16)

Luke Simmons / October 18, 2016
family, mind dump, vision

Been a wild last few weeks now that we have a little boy. That’s right… a boy. Henry (Hank) joined us on September […]

Wednesday Mind Dump (9/28/16)

Luke Simmons / September 28, 2016
family, mind dump, politics, sermon on the mount

Well, we’re now one week past the due date for baby #4. Molly and I have been joking that maybe she’s permanently pregnant […]

Monday Mind Dump (5/9/16)

Luke Simmons / May 9, 2016
family, leadership

Really fun to have Tom Shrader with us preaching at Gateway yesterday. He’s been such a meaningful person in my life, and I […]


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