Redemption Kids

A safe, fun, and Bible-centered place for children on Sundays.

What is Redemption Kids?

Redemption Kids is a safe and loving environment where kids will have a blast learning about God. We strive to make it a place where parents will feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.

We want to make church a place kids want to be!

Who is Redemption Kids for?

Redemption Kids is offered at every service for all children from birth through 5th grade. Children age 2 and up will participate in age appropriate and Bible-centered lessons, songs, crafts and activities designed to help them learn who God is and how they can relate to him.

What makes Redemption Kids Possible?

Redemption Kids is staffed by an incredible group of trained and background checked volunteers who are dedicated to providing intentional love and care for the children and families in our community. Anyone interested in joining our team and partnering with us can begin the process by signing up for Start Here.

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Arnold Ruiz

Kids Director
About Arnold Ruiz

I am married to my fun, hard-working wife Ai and we have been blessed with four wonderful kids: Ava, Asher, Aila, and Alyosha. We enjoy food, family, laughing, and learning new things.

I grew up in church, but that did not save me from the solemn reality that we have all been sinned against and yet we ourselves sin against others. Indeed, left to myself, I have an incurable propensity to seek after my own good and my own desires at the expense of others, in direct rebellion of the One who created me to live otherwise.

But thanks be to God that He found me and rescued me from the grip of sin and death! By God’s wonderful grace I have found his son Jesus Christ to be beautiful, wise to the utmost, patient, profoundly loving, and powerful to save. So I look to him as my supreme authority. And my trust in him has not been misplaced. He is a friend to sinful people like me, a rock in times of trouble, a glad giver of wisdom to navigate a complicated world, and a source of incomparable joy. By nature I am rebellious, and I wrestle and struggle and fall and doubt. But he is ever merciful and faithful to me; he is my peace and my sanity.

I love to teach and to tell people about what Jesus Christ has done for me and how awesome he is. In my current phase of life, God shows me about himself most through my relationships as a husband and father, through my relationship to his body the church, and by observing in the world the futility of chasing after anything else but Christ. For nothing and nobody can thrill a heart like he can.

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Autumn Frey

9:00am Service Coordinator
About Autumn Frey

I have four amazing kids: Joshua, Rebekah, Thomas, and Elizabeth. Our family is busy, but it’s a good busy!

I grew up going to church, and don’t remember a time when I didn’t know Jesus loves me. While I can’t point to a day or a time that my heart finally surrendered, I look back and see that God pursued me my entire life. The more I understand about what Jesus did for me through His death on the cross, the more I realize how desperately I need Him. My flesh fights this on a daily basis, but God continues to pursue me and to chip away at those areas in my life that don’t look like Him. I know He couldn’t love me any more or any less than He does right now.

While teaching kids is my passion, I also love serving behind the scenes. God has given me a desire to do my part to ensure the children in His church can also look back and say they never remember a time when they didn’t know Jesus loves them.

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Laura Lefevre

10:45am Service Coordinator
About Laura Lefevre

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Blaine, since February 2003. We have 6 crazy kids: Chelsey, Cheyanne, Shelby, Ben, Julianna, and Emmanuel, as well as 3 rambunctious grand kids (so far).

Even though I grew up going to a legalistic church where salvations always seemed on the line, I always suspected that God was much different than the way He was portrayed there. While I have called myself a Christian my whole life, it wasn’t until I was 24 that I fully surrendered my life to Jesus. A blessed series of events occurred surrounding the tragic death of my toddler nephew which led my entire family into a true relationship with Jesus. Since then, God has led me on a journey (sometimes with my cooperation and sometimes not) drawing me deeper in love and understanding of who He is and how perfect His plans are.

I am an educator at heart. I love teaching people of all ages, but kids are the most fun. Woven into my love of teaching God has planted a passion in my heart to fulfill the great commission to go and make disciples. I believe that the classrooms at Redemption Gateway are a mission field and I am blessed to be a part of the faith stories born and nurtured there.

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Jen Lager

5:00pm Service Coordinator
About Jen Lager

I have been married to my husband, Steve, since 2006. We have three boys, Caedmon, Joshua, and Daniel, and one girl, Saoirse. We have lived in many places around the country but we are really happy to be in Arizona. This is the first place that has felt like home to us.

I was raised in a great pastors family where my parents taught me about the Gospel and showed me Christ’s love from an early age. During high school is when I truly repented and entered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am continually thankful for the examples my parents set for me and I long to be that kind of example for my children. Jesus is my treasure and I am grateful I get to serve Him.

I love to see children get excited about Jesus, and my passion is to raise up a new generation of believers. My role at Redemption gives me an opportunity to love on God’s precious children and support the volunteers who serve and teach these children each week.

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