Redemption Kids

A safe, fun, and Bible-centered place for children on Sundays.

What is Redemption Kids?

Redemption Kids is a safe and loving environment where kids will have a blast learning about God. We strive to make it a place where parents will feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.

We want to make church a place kids want to be!

Who is Redemption Kids for?

Redemption Kids is offered at every service for all children from birth through 5th grade. Children age 2 and up will participate in age appropriate and Bible-centered lessons, songs, crafts and activities designed to help them learn who God is and how they can relate to him.

What makes Redemption Kids Possible?

Redemption Kids is staffed by an incredible group of trained and background checked volunteers who are dedicated to providing intentional love and care for the children and families in our community. Anyone interested in joining our team and partnering with us can begin the process by signing up for Start Here.

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Arnold Ruiz

Kids Director
About Arnold Ruiz
I am married to my fun, hard-working wife Ai and we have been blessed with four wonderful kids: Ava, Asher, Aila, and Alyosha. We enjoy food, family, laughing, and learning new things. I grew up in church, but that did not save me from the solemn reality that we have all been sinned against and yet we ourselves sin against others. Indeed, left to myself, I have an incurable propensity to seek after my own good and my own desires at the expense of others, in direct rebellion of the One who created me to live otherwise. But thanks be to God that He found me and rescued me from the grip of sin and death! By God’s wonderful grace I have found his son Jesus Christ to be beautiful, wise to the utmost, patient, profoundly loving, and powerful to save. So I look to him as my supreme authority. And my trust in him has not been misplaced. He is a friend to sinful people like me, a rock in times of trouble, a glad giver of wisdom to navigate a complicated world, and a source of incomparable joy. By nature I am rebellious, and I wrestle and struggle and fall and doubt. But he is ever merciful and faithful to me; he is my peace and my sanity. I love to teach and to tell people about what Jesus Christ has done for me and how awesome he is. In my current phase of life, God shows me about himself most through my relationships as a husband and father, through my relationship to his body the church, and by observing in the world the futility of chasing after anything else but Christ. For nothing and nobody can thrill a heart like he can.
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Jen Natzke

R/Kids Administrative Coordinator
About Jen Natzke

I have been married to Derek since February 2003. We have six kids together: Berlynn, Alana, Liam, Paisley, Charli, Roman. Their ages span from teenagers to preschool.  We love to be active and run lots of races and have fun at the gym.  I grew up in a family that was called Christian, however, grace and acceptance was very merit based. If I performed well, things would go well. I never wanted to be the one to underperform. My understanding of grace was limited to the one time sacrifice on the cross. Jesus died for my sins, but you better do your part. Derek was Catholic when I married him which didn’t help my merit based concept of grace. Through many years of prayers Derek decided to step out of the Catholic Church and we happened upon Redemption. This began the transformation. My understanding of grace is no longer limited to the past. I know see the grace in the future promises but also in every present moment. It is so reliving to know (and believe) that Christ’s one time sacrifice was enough. I am accepted and can stand before the Father because of HIS merit and not my own. The freedom that this brings is life changing and I never grow tired of seeing how God grows me in this every day. 

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Kristine Lynch

Kids Preschool Coordinator
About Kristine Lynch

In 2003, I married my best friend, Aaron, who I met in high school. We have two sweet daughters – Emily (13) and Lauren (4), and a rambunctious yellow lab – Raleigh. We currently live in Gilbert, but have called much of the United States home over the past 10 years, including Michigan (no thanks!), North Carolina and Oregon. It’s safe to say that we made it back to our home state of Arizona and are here to stay forever… Unless of course the Lord calls us to Hawaii. As far as my story goes… I grew up in the church, attended Christian schools, and yet had no love for the Lord or realization of my need for Christ and His work. To anyone looking in, my life looked like one of a Christian woman, but my heart was prideful and rebellious and far from Him. After Aaron and I were married, and had our first daughter Emily in 2004, I chose to stop living my so-called-Christian-life. I was done with being told what to do and how to live, and I purposefully walked away from church, Christian friends, my husband and certainly the Lord. Thankfully, in His extreme mercy, Christ seeks out lost sheep. He did not leave me in my sin and darkness and rebellion, but after hitting rock bottom in July 2007, He saved me. He revealed to me the depths of my sin, I repented, He forgave me and saved me to life. God graciously restored my marriage and though life has been anything but easy these past 11 years with multiple miscarriages, surgeries, cross country moves and more, the Lord has been faithful to me. “For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.” Psalm 56:13. I hope that my story can be used to encourage others that the Lord is the giver of life, and is so ready and willing to forgive and restore His lost sheep. I’m my spare time you’ll find me enjoying my kiddos, working on DIY home projects, cross fitting and weightlifting, exploring the great outdoors, and hitting the trails with my husband. I’m passionate about serving God through loving others and living life to the fullest!

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Laura Lefevre

Kids Elementary Coordinator
About Laura Lefevre

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Blaine, since February 2003. We have 6 crazy kids: Chelsey, Cheyanne, Shelby, Ben, Julianna, and Emmanuel, as well as 3 rambunctious grand kids (so far). Even though I grew up going to a legalistic church where salvations always seemed on the line, I always suspected that God was much different than the way He was portrayed there. While I have called myself a Christian my whole life, it wasn’t until I was 24 that I fully surrendered my life to Jesus. A blessed series of events occurred surrounding the tragic death of my toddler nephew which led my entire family into a true relationship with Jesus. Since then, God has led me on a journey (sometimes with my cooperation and sometimes not) drawing me deeper in love and understanding of who He is and how perfect His plans are. I am an educator at heart. I love teaching people of all ages, but kids are the most fun. Woven into my love of teaching God has planted a passion in my heart to fulfill the great commission to go and make disciples. I believe that the classrooms at Redemption Gateway are a mission field and I am blessed to be a part of the faith stories born and nurtured there.

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Christine Reinke

R/Kids Support
About Christine Reinke

I’ve been married to Chris since September 5, 1998. We moved from Northern California to Arizona 3 days after our wedding. We have 3 boys: Wyatt, Gavin, and Luke. I grew up in a Christian home, but didn’t fully understand what a personal relationship with my savior meant until after I was married. Through a series of events, my eyes were opened to my truly sinful nature and the fact that Christ’s saving grace was the only thing that would give me hope, and purpose in my life. Now, I try to live a life that brings glory to God! He has done so much for me!!

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