Monday Mind Dump (8/28/17)

Luke Simmons / August 28, 2017
mind dump

  • Boy, yesterday was a really fun day at Gateway.
  • We concluded our annual in-town student summer camp, Fuse, with our Sunday services.
  • The room was rearranged for an in-the-round experience.
  • You can see the sermon and get a feel for itย here.
  • I loved being so close to everyone, though it was challenging in some ways to know whether I was moving too much, too little, etc.
  • In the end, I felt happy with how it went.
  • I’m so proud of our student pastors, our tech guys, and the many volunteers who helped make it all happen.
  • My oldest daughter also was a participant for the first time and had an amazing weekend.
  • She was dog-tired last night, though.
  • As was I.
  • We were a host home for the 9th grade girls, which was a fun little window into our life in about 3 years.
  • We had quite a surprise when we woke up Sunday morning:

  • That’s right — toilet paper, seran wrap, forks in the grass — the whole nine yards.
  • They did a remarkably thorough job.
  • Here’s what it looked like as I drove off to church:

  • We suspected it was the 10th grade boys who weren’t staying far away, but it was actually 12th grade girls and boys (and apparently a neighbor who was driving by in the middle of the night and wanted to help them).
  • These sweet 9th grade girls cleaned it all up and seemed to have great attitudes about it.
  • Though it turns out I was the target, not them.
  • It was a fun weekend, and I’m really thankful and excited about the future of our church and the generation that will be the leaders of the future.
  • Along those lines, we passed a key milestone recently by getting over 50% of the way toward our financial goal for our new building.
  • That’s pretty dang amazing considering we’re just 8 months into a 3 year initiative.
  • Also had a strong kickoff to The Greenhouse last week with over 70 men and women participating.

  • That’s way more than I expected and it’s a good mix of people who lead in a variety of areas of life.
  • It’s kind of a pilot semester, but off to a good start.
  • Life is in full swing with our family — like most folks I know.
  • I start my last year of seminary a week from tomorrow, and then life will be going on all cylinders.
  • Looking forward to learning this year, doing my work, and being done.
  • Also looking forward to the start of college football this weekend.
  • My Illini are ranked #93 out of 130 teams, so I’ll probably be watching a lot of other teams this year.
  • Will be nice for it to get started, and NFL soon after.
  • I’m also praying — as I’m sure many of y’all are — for what’s going on in Texas and Louisiana.
  • These storms are awful and the footage of people being rescued is remarkable.
  • So sad to see some of the retirement homes flooded, but also encouraging to see how hard people are working to do what they can to help.
  • And… to finish, here’s a new mind-dump feature… some of my favorite tweets of recent weeks (all for different reasons):

  • Alright… have a great week.
  • And even if you didn’t like all those tweets, I love you still. ๐Ÿ™‚

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