Monday Mind Dump (5/15/17)

Luke Simmons / May 15, 2017
mind dump

  • Been a long while since I did a mind dump, but I’ve been thinking they might be worth resuming.
  • It’s my first week in a while without seminary so I’ve got a little more time too.
  • Last week completed my 3rd of 4 years in the Missional Training Center.
  • It’s been a great program — I’ve learned a ton — but I’m ready for it to come to an end.
  • Speaking of which, this weekend I went to the graduation at Phoenix Seminary, where Gateway’s Seth Troutt not only graduated with an M.Div but also was chosen to address his fellow graduates.
  • Made me proud.
  • He did the lion’s share of his work before he came to Gateway, but it was still fun to celebrate with him and Taylor.
  • Also got to see a few other folks I know, including Justin Anderson who formerly planted Redemption Tempe (one of our congregations) and Redemption San Francisco (one of our church plants).
  • Justin is now the Director of Theological and Leadership Development at Doxa Church in Bellevue, Washington.
  • It was great to see him and catch up.
  • Also went to my first high school graduation party of the year.
  • Fun to be around some great young people and consider the possibilities that await them.
  • In a lot of ways it’s starting to feel like summer is here.
  • In our family, we’ve actually been trying to have a little more of a summer mindset in May by playing more games, starting to swim, and just trying to have a lot of fun together.
  • My oldest daughter, Abby, is wrapping up 5th grade and can’t wait to get to middle school and to be part of Student Ministry.
  • Will be fun for Molly and I to attend the Incoming 6th Grade Parent Dessert on June 1.
  • We’re really excited for her to get into that ministry.
  • Sometimes I’ll hear from parents who are apprehensive about their kids being part of a youth group.
  • I think I understand the concerns, but I don’t share them.
  • Having my daughter in a fun environment with Bible teaching at her level, as well as a small group of friends led by multiple adult mentors…
  • Sounds incredible to me.
  • I really enjoyed Seth’s sermon yesterday.
  • He continues to grow as a preacher and my soul was fed listening to him.
  • Especially as I’m wrestling through some real pain that a foster family in our church has been going through.
  • I’ve honestly had quite a few moments of literally asking God what he’s doing by allowing this situation.
  • Hearing Seth’s reminder that becoming a Christian means that I lose my right to be pessimistic was something I needed to hear.
  • God is weaving something together, even if I can’t understand it.
  • It was an especially good sermon considering that the week of preparation was thrown off by our pastoral team going on a retreat.
  • Some of my best friends in Colorado have a beautiful home in the mountains and generously allowed us to use it.
  • It was a great week of having fun together and looking ahead to the season of ministry we’re anticipating.
  • One of my favorite moments was spending time with my high school baseball coach, Marc Johnson (he’s also the father of Redemption’s Lead Pastor, Tyler Johnson).
  • He shared some great principles of team building and leadership.
  • When you’ve coached for 45 years and won over 700 high school games, I think that means you’re qualified to talk about leadership and team building.
  • It’s a tremendous group of guys and a huge joy of my life to do ministry with them.

  • Got home Thursday, kids were off school Friday, and Mother’s Day was yesterday.
  • Made for a great weekend.
  • Had a gift for Molly (from Little Mugshots) that I’d been preparing for quite a while, and it was really fun to give it to her.
  • It’s actually a gift I wanted too, so it makes for a kind of double-whammy.

  • Looking forward to a good week back at home.
  • Prepping to preach, have our monthly all-Redemption pastors meeting, and a few other important meetings with various folks in the church.
  • Then Friday we’re going with some great friends to see one of our favorite comedians, Nate Bargatze.
  • Should be fun.
  • Alright, well have a good week whatever you’re doing.
  • Thanks for reading.
  • All of life is all for Jesus.




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