Monday Mind Dump (4/25/16)

Luke Simmons / April 25, 2016
community, leadership, mission

  • Good day of ministry yesterday.
  • Fun to work through a challenging and highly applicable passage in Titus 2:1-10.
  • There was quite a bit I had to leave out and it was still a 45 minute sermon.
  • Hopeful that the message will get folks thinking and working to apply it to their lives and families.
  • Had a strong sense by the end of the day that the church is really the main place in our society–especially in the southeast valley–where intergenerational relationships can happen.
  • It would be a travesty if we gave up that unique role in order to only be in relationships with people “like us.”
  • And, yet, it’s really hard work.
  • We naturally align with people in our age and stage (which isn’t all bad), but find it to be real work to find common ground with people who are older or younger than us.
  • The work is worth it.
  • If you’re younger, you can either learn through your own mistakes and scars or you can learn from those who went before you.
  • If you’re older, you can either keep those valuable lessons to yourself or you can save those who follow you from making the same mistakes.
  • I’ve been so blessed recently by some of the wisdom and input from folks in our church who are seasoned and wise.
  • And, someday, I might even become a person like that.
  • Got to experience a first last Friday… flying a plane.
  • Went out with a guy from our church who is a flight instructor.
  • Thankfully, he knew how to take off and land.
  • Really cool to see the Valley from that perspective.
  • Such a beautiful, sprawling, and growing place.
  • Found myself praying for our city — that many people would come to treasure Jesus here.
  • Today our staff is heading up to Prescott for a few retreat days.
  • We don’t do this very often, so it’s a special thing when it happens.
  • I’m excited to share some vision for the next season of ministry and to spend some time having fun together.
  • I continue to be amazed at the quality of our team and the output they have as our church grows.
  • Considering our congregation keeps growing (and, thus, needs keep growing), but our staff hasn’t increased in size recently, it shows that these folks are growing and leading with increased wisdom and ability.
  • I can see a few key roles in the future that we’ll likely need to add, but I’m thankful for who we have on our team.
  • If you think of it, pray for our unity and refreshment over the next few days.
  • Alright, I’ve gotta get rolling.
  • Don’t want to miss the van ride.
  • Let’s go¬†adorn the doctrine of God our Savior today.

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