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Statement of Purpose

The Church, as the Body of Jesus Christ, is called to represent Him to the world. We are called to reach our local community, our region, and the far ends of the earth. Through His example and according to His commands, we do this by loving and healing the whole person. We love by helping to relieve poverty, sickness, oppression, and pain. We seek mercy and justice for all peoples and desire to be peacemakers in the world. We love by building personal relationships that bring comfort and encouragement. And we love by sharing the Gospel that restores men and women into a saving relationship with our God and Creator. In other words, we bring the bright light of the love of Jesus Christ into a dark and broken world.

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But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you...for in its welfare you will find your welfare. Jeremiah 29:7

Tim Campbell

CGM Director
About Tim Campbell

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” -Micah 6:8 God has made it clear throughout Scripture that He cares deeply for the oppressed and the downtrodden, the poor, the sojourner, the widow, and the orphan. He is a God of love and justice and we are called to be the same. He is most pleased and most glorified when we simply walk humbly with Him and like Him.

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Jimmy Lau

CGM Team Member
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Valentyna Kelley

CGM Team Member
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Curt Tyler

CGM Team Member
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The Gospel saves us through Christ, and sends us out to be a blessing to our community and the world abroad.  After going through the Surge Network, CGM seemed to me a great opportunity to help Redemption Gateway become more aware of the many ways in which their brothers and sisters in Christ are already blessing their community and the nations abroad, as well as ways in which we can bless them further. All of life is all for Jesus!
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Rick Lewis

CGM Team Member
About Rick Lewis

We serve a God of Mission, who calls us to life-sharing, culture-bridging and world changing acts of worship. The Community and Global Ministry supports these efforts in multiple contexts. It’s exciting to see His purposes being fulfilled through people that share their gifts in new ways to advance the Gospel.

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Our Role

CGM helps Redemption Gateway with many needs and opportunities throughout our community and throughout the world. Our role is to identify those ministry opportunities that we can  effectively impact based on our resources, our gifting, whether they are consistent with our commitment of ministry to the whole person, how they mesh with our current obligations, and how they will serve to equip the people of our church for further ministry. Here are ways we partner with Redemption Gateway: FULL SUPPORT/PARTNERSHIP This can take form of any combination of the following: financial support, use of church resources, official endorsement from the elders, coordination of volunteers for ministry, leadership & oversight by staff and/or church members, or training opportunities.

ENDORSED BY REDEMPTION GATEWAY Many people within our congregation arrive with or develop ministries that are both effective and wholly consistent with our commitment of respectful, loving ministry to the entire person. These are not ministries that Redemption Gateway has determined we should commit full support to, but we recognize that the church is most effective as its members go out and represent Jesus in their neighborhoods, their workplaces, and their travels. As we say, “All of life is all for Jesus,” and this ministry endorsement is one method we use to encourage and equip our people for obedience to this calling. This endorsement can take the form of any combination of the following: prayer support, permission to recruit volunteers from the congregation, one time financial contributions, access to church resources, mention on our web page as a ministry that’s endorsed, and training opportunities.

ASSISTANCE/TRAINING There are may be ministries that have the potential as a good fit, but may have aspects that cause us concern. If the leaders of these ministries are willing, we may offer counseling or training that could help them to rise to the level of endorsement.

DECLINE INVOLVEMENT These are ministries/organizations that we feel we can’t partner with due to concerns such as methods, tactics, integrity issues, doctrinal error, or they simply are not a good fit for our congregation.

In addition to making the evaluations listed above, the CGM Team, or some of its members, may play some of these additional roles: management of the CGM budget, functioning as ambassadors of these ministries effectively educating and promoting them to the congregation so that the people are aware of how the church is serving and how they can become personally involved, leadership, coordination, and/or participation in some of these ministries, coordinating and communicating with the leaders of these ministries helping them to better work with one another, recommending to the elders how to further promote and facilitate these ministries, updating media resources that describe these ministries, and ongoing evaluation of these ministries to ensure they continue to have the proper level of support.

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Ministry to Turkey - CGM Partner

Redemption Gateway has made a commitment to and has a passion for the people and the nation of Turkey. This is the land of the first century church and the location of much of the New Testament. It is a beautiful land sitting on two continents with a great history and a unique mixture of eastern and western culture. We have friends and partners in this country who serve as peace makers, church planters, evangelists, and servants to poor and suffering refugees. They serve with courage, faith, and humility and it is an honor to call them brothers and sisters. On the first Sunday of every month we meet after the second service (12:15 PM) to pray specifically for Turkey, its people, and the men and women who live and serve there.

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Ministry Trip to Juarez

Twice a year, Spring & Fall, Redemption Gateway partners with Missions Ministries for short term trips to the Colonias outside of Juarez, Mexico. Much needed supplies are delivered, medical care is provided, a home is built, and local pastors are supported and encouraged. Our partners: Mission Ministries Babies of Juarez

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Whether they are students at Arizona State University or they have fled violence in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, Iraq, or Latin America; the nations have come to Phoenix. And our God loves them. He loves them and He has called us to love them. Opportunities are evolving; but there will be options to teach citizenship classes to those who have been here legally for five years, to teach English as a second language (ELS), for small groups to come alongside individual families to embrace and assist them from the time their plane lands, to social events with Redemption Gateway and the refugee communities, and M25 donations to help them in transition. Our partners: World Relief

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Redemption Ministry Grants

Redemption Church believes the entire church is called to bring glory to God by loving their neighbors. Mission is not one department of the church, but the very nature of the church. God has gifted every person differently, called them to different vocations, and sent them to different locations, all with the purpose of these individuals declaring the excellencies of Jesus in all of life. We are therefore committed to seeing new initiatives, organizations and ministries spring up from our members. Our hope is to award several grants that empower people in our congregations to initiate specific visions of how we can live out the Gospel among our neighbors.

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Hope Women's Center - CGM Partner

Hope Women’s Center is a Christian non-profit organization that has served vulnerable women and teen girls in Apache Junction and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. Thousands of women, teens and their families have received free services and care through our education, mentoring, pregnancy support and material resource programs. Hope Women’s Center serves women facing any difficult life situation. Whether they are faced with poverty, domestic or sexual abuse, unplanned pregnancy, unemployment, single parenting, prostitution, drug/alcohol abuse, or family conflict, our trained mentors and teachers are available to help provide assistance, encouragement, support, and the necessary tools to make positive changes for their future. Watch their video HERE. This is a great ministry for Redemption Communities to adopt. There are opportunities for cooking, sewing, maintenance, teaching classes, mentoring…it all comes down to loving and building relationships with these women.

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House of Refuge - CGM Partner

House of Refuge is a faith-based, non-profit organization helping homeless families in crisis by providing transitional housing and supportive services that assist participants as they strive towards self-sufficiency and seek to obtain permanent housing. House of Refuge is our neighbor just to the north. Early in our foundations we began a relationship with this worthy organization and have assisted through donations and service projects to help them better serve those in need. Check the calendar for future service opportunities or contact them directly to serve as a family or Redemption Community.

House of Refuge
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - CGM Partner

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been in existence for over 60 years. Their vision is to “Impact the world for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.” Arizona FCA continues to grow it’s ministry impact in both the greater Phoenix area and in Tucson. FCA focuses on what they call the 4 C’s of ministry; which are Coaches, Campus, Camps, and Community. Every July FCA through generous donors helps send over 500 student-athletes to it’s four day sports camp, where the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with hundreds of kids who have never opened a Bible. In the East Valley, Jason Ford serves as the Campus Representative/Director with his primary role being to establish an increasing presence of ministry on a vast array of campuses in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa. Many of the high schools in close proximity of Gateway including Perry HS, Campo Verde, Desert Ridge, and Casteel HS have on-campus “huddles” where students gather on a bi-weekly basis for fellowship, games, and a gospel centered message. Jason Ford is a long time member of Redemption Gateway Church and was serving in children’s ministries from very early on. He is well gifted for the work of FCA and we’re pleased to support him. To get more information on Arizona FCA and Jason Ford please click on the links below: FCA/Jason Ford Support FCA

Opportunity, Community, & Justice for Kids (OCJ) - CGM Partner

OCJ Kids is the acronym for Opportunity, Community & Justice for Kids, an outreach to Foster Care kids living in group homes located in our local communities, generally housing teens. It’s a nonprofit Christian organization to reach the mission field located in our own backyard. OCJ Kids is a longer arm into the Foster Care system to reach young people, offering hope & healing to hurting teens separated from family. This is an opportunity for the church to reach displaced teens for the Lord, an opportunity for them to experience the unconditional love of God through the hearts, hands & feet of His people. Through practical & relational ministry these teens learn they have a heavenly Father who loves & cares for them. Through M25 donations of toiletries, donation of time in building relationship, tutoring, mentoring, playing sports, setting up exercise boot camps, to being remembered on birthdays can help to heal a broken heart & life. A listening ear, empathy for their situations gives rise to the opportunity to invite to Redemption’s student ministries & church services. Carol Miller is our representative with OCJ Kids.

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Open Table Movement - CGM Partner

Open Table is a growing movement of faith communities seeking to re-focus from poverty maintenance to poverty transformation. The Open Table model is a catalyst for powerful collaboration between faith communities, transitional organizations, clinical psychology, government, local business and non-profit organizations and resources. Together, this unique collaboration builds encouraging and accountable partnerships with people in poverty so they may live into their human potential. An important question we need to ask ourselves is, “What would communities be like if our relationships with our “Brothers and Sisters” in poverty stopped being transactional and started being transformational?” Troy Blakemore is our representative with Open Table.

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M25 Collection

Based on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25, our M25 ministry takes a monthly collection to serve our community.  Currently, donations are going to the efforts of Redemption Alhambra as they minister to the homeless community in their area. Also, M25 supports a number of CGM partners with special collections; such as diapers and formula for our Juarez trips, and toiletries, jackets, shoes & blankets for OCJ Kids.

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