Author: Luke Simmons

Affirming Predestination Does NOT Deny These 4 Truths

Luke Simmons / January 29, 2018
election, evangelism, mission, prayer

This past Sunday I preached from Ephesians 1:5-6 on how God “predestined us for adoption.” (Watch/Listen here) I’ve had a number of very […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (1/23/18)

Luke Simmons / January 23, 2018
mind dump

Had a wild, fun weekend and start to the week. Took my oldest to see The Greatest Showman on Friday night. Wow, it’s amazing. […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (1/16/18)

Luke Simmons / January 16, 2018
mind dump

Sounds like Winter Camp went really well. I’m excited to get more of a full report from our staff today, but from my […]

Monday Mind Dump (1/8/18)

Luke Simmons / January 8, 2018
mind dump

How’s your 2018 going so far? Mine has been pretty good so far. My parents surprised our kids for Christmas with a trip […]

Resources for Spiritual Growth in the New Year

Luke Simmons / December 26, 2017
resources, spiritual growth

The new year is often a time to reflect and move toward intentional change. As you consider the new year, here are a […]

Top 10 Sermons of 2017

Luke Simmons / December 21, 2017
preaching, spiritual growth

Preaching God’s word is a tremendous privilege and none of us who do it take it lightly. As we come to the end […]

The 2017 Christmas Offering

Luke Simmons / November 27, 2017
christmas offering, outward focus

The Christmas Offering has become an important annual tradition at Redemption Gateway. Each year the elders select a number of causes and our congregation […]


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