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4 Reasons to Invite A Friend to Easter

Luke Simmons / March 28, 2019
easter, mission

Easter is coming soon! It’s a perfect opportunity to invite friends to join you (use this link: Here’s why: 1. People might […]

Monday Mind Dump (2/4/19)

Luke Simmons / February 4, 2019
mind dump

It’s been a while since I wrote a mind-dump post, but inspiration struck. So here goes! Super Bowl was pretty boring last night. […]

Tom Shrader’s Gateway Sermons

Luke Simmons / January 17, 2019

We continue to grieve (with hope) the loss of our dear friend, Tom Shrader. His impact is remarkable and widespread, and we count […]

New Series: Love Walked Among Us

Luke Simmons / January 10, 2019
jesus, preaching, sermon series

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series,┬áLove Walked Among Us. For 100 days until Easter, we’ll spend time together gazing at Jesus […]

Top 5 Surprising Ways to Serve at Gateway

Luke Simmons / January 8, 2019
serving, spiritual practices

America may run on Dunkin’ but Redemption Gateway runs on volunteers. Faithful, joyful people who serve Jesus with their time and energy. We’ve […]

Top 10 Sermons of 2018

Luke Simmons / December 20, 2018
preaching, spiritual growth

Every Sunday night after I preach, I have two thoughts: (1) I can’t believe I get to preach God’s word, and (2) I […]

The 2018 Christmas Offering

Luke Simmons / November 26, 2018

The Christmas Offering has become an important annual tradition at Redemption Gateway. Each year the congregation is invited to generously give over-and-above to […]

Praying the Armor of God

Luke Simmons / September 30, 2018
ephesians, prayer

The author of this prayer is unknown. Download a PRINTABLE pdf version Good morning, Lord. I am confident that you will give me […]


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